UX/UI design


Looking to design a website and/or a mobile application? There are ~434k registered design agencies in the world (as of 2024), which should make the total number of contractors at least a couple of million. But since you are reading this I aready have some minor upper hand. Other advantages: I work alone keeping your budget safe, I have 14+ years of experience (+ wide assortment of domains), I keep up with the trends, I solve, communicate, deliver.     


The best fit for my talents is designing a unique web & mobile application for a small business from scratch. But I can put my hands elbows deep in any large design system or even join the product team. But we can go slow, starting with a UX/UI audit (for the existing projects) or design consulting (for the new ones). 




Never ask a woman her age and a UI designer about the works older than 2 years. You may check the archive (some pet projects and works free of NDA restrictions) or my Figma community page (pro bono UI work with 25k+ downloads * as of may 2024):

figma community nashekrashe

As a client you may check the files to understand my approach to final design handover as well as a tecnical design in general. As a designer, feel free to download/experiment/re-use the designs. 


Or better yet — let's have a chat.