The studio domain was registered in a distant 2007 as a collection of personal portfolio projects. 2008 to 2010 was the period of active yet immature commercial projects. Today I am relaunching it as a small design studio service focusing on helping small companies with clear vision for success.

The Team


Pavel Tsikhanavets

Owner, Lead Designer, Crisis Manager, Janitor 



Hello. Is it me you're looking for?..


I am a primary fit for small businesses and start-ups looking for a brand/product jump-start in less than an astronomical epoch. First of all you get a jack of all trades design-wise — from designing a logo to solving complex UX problems. Secondly you are not bothered with the managerial and operative part of the design process (and yes, Agile is still on the table). I am highly motivated to keep the long-term relationship, and I can still give you most of the benefits of the large IT company, except probably for tech development and support. Needless to say that you will keep you budget safe.