NasheKrashe is a one-man one-goal design band. I do branding & logo design, web & mobile design, motion graphics, 3D and everything UX/UI related.


Naming & Branding, logo development. More logos

Digital art

Mostly personal projects, 3D (Blender, 3Dsmax, Realflow), illustrations & drawings (AI, PS), clips and animations (AE). More art


Mobile app design. Promo sites and complex web systems. More interfaces

Logo creation is my speciality and passion. I never skip an opportunity to create a logotype from scratch, basically giving birth to a new brand :). I have a special offer for the small unique businesses, charity projects can get branding for free in some cases (send me a brief for a quote).  


Wanna see logo creation in action?

Gonna show you anyway…



Figma community work


Creating quality public design files is a nice way to contribute to professional community as well as to keep yourself toned design-wised. Recent files utilize Figma updates and follow best practices in component/layers/frames/pages organization. As a client you may check the files to understand my approach to final design handover as well as a tecnical design in general. As a designer, feel free to download/experiment/re-use the designs.

25k+ downloads * as of may 2024…


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